Celebrating 50 years of Preserving and Protecting
the environment in McHenry County!

In order to protect all living things, the Environmental Defenders is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the natural environment in McHenry County.  As a grass roots organization, we are committed to building sound ecological relationships between people and the natural world that supports all life.

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YOU can join and/or volunteer and help us advocate for a healthy environment and also enjoy what we protect, together.


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Why #CEJACantWait, in our own words ...

The Environmental Defenders have been around for 50 years! The reason that we’ve been able to keep going and keep working to protect the environment is because of you...our members!!

We want to give a big thank you to anyone who has joined the Defenders as a member over the years, and especially this year. We’re a membership based organization and the time and talents of our members are greatly appreciated.

If you’re not a member and would like to be, visit mcdef.org/members-and-giving (link in bio!), and stay tuned this month for info on all of the benefits membership brings!

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Today The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County had a great on-site meeting with Illinois Department of Transportation Region 1 staff about Defenders’ care of the O’Brien Roadside
Prairie. IDOT staff gave us good feedback on the management plan that intern Jacob Karkowski has prepared for the site. We look forward to this continuing partnership!
— with Jacob Karkowski and Nancy Schietzelt and Cindy Skrukrud.

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