Living Green

There is a lot of information online, in newspapers and magazines on living the “green” life. We will share some great ideas on these pages, and we’ll be adding information as we go along.

Avoid Disposables!

  • Use a refillable bottle instead of purchasing bottled water. Read why.
  • Bring your own bag, whether you’re shopping at the grocery store or the mall.
  • For your morning coffee, frequent a shop that either provides or lets you use a reusable mug.
  • Cloth napkins are ecological and classy!
  • You don’t have to go back to the strop and straight-edge, but get a reusable razor and just replace the blades. (or grow a beard!)
  • Fruits and vegetables come in their own natural wrap – don’t buy them wrapped in non-essential plastic.
  • Spend a little more to buy well-made, durable goods that last longer.
  • Take care of your belongings so they will last longer!

 Why Not to Drink Bottled Water

View slide show explaining the negative aspects of drinking bottles water. Who knew?

(You’ll need a PowerPoint viewer to see this. Download from Microsoft.)

Kill the Vampires!

McHenry County Bicycle Advocates was formed on behalf of all McHenry County bicycle riders to help motivate the county, cities and townships to provide adequate accommodations on the roads and bicycle paths. See their website for information on  the planned reconstruction of Rakow Road, which will convert a two lane road with bicycle friendly shoulders into a four lane “curb and gutter” road with no accommodations for bicycles.

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