Support the Environmental Defenders by Shopping or Donating

Show your support for the Environmental Defenders through
purchases at our two book stores, special sales, and
Defenders’ merchandise!

Used book stores

The Green Read and The Green Spot used book stores are a great way to support an environmental cause (reuse) while supporting our non-profit organization.  Please come see us!

Ask for eco-friendly packing materials to be added to your account.

Wear your support

Shop the Defenders’ Hyperstitch Online Store.


Garage Sales

Raising funds; keeping things out of landfills!

You can participate in three ways:

  1. Donating your used but usable things
  2. Shopping at the garage sales and bidding on eBay items
  3. Volunteering your time to help!

Watch our online calendar, Facebook, & Twitter for details!



How can the Stuff in your attic or storeroom bring you a tax deduction and help the environment?

By donating that stuff to the Defenders! Each year we hold one or more garage sales, usually in May and July, where we can sell anything from pots and pans to VCRs. We offer the more collectible things for auction on eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. And each fall we host a big used book sale.

What type of things can we accept? Antiques and collectibles, household items, books, tools, dishes, pots and pans, dressers and tables, etc. Just about anything, with a few exceptions – small appliances & electronics must be in working order, we cannot take clothes, upholstered furniture, televisions, computers, or large appliances. Not sure if we can take it? Call the office and ask, or email us.

What kind of volunteer help do we need?
The garage sales always need people before the sale to accept donations, clean, price, and display (The better the items are cleaned and displayed, the more they will sell for), and during the sale to help buyers and take money.

ebay logo When we are auctioning items on eBay, they will be shown HERE. Click on “items for sale”. Anne maintains our store

Eco-friendly packaging

Ask for eco-friendly packing materials to be added to your account.

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