McHenry County Water Resources Action Plan

McHenry County’s prosperity, health, and natural beauty and bounty are all dependent on clean water. The McHenry County Water Resources Action Plan (WRAP) was created by a wide collection of local stakeholders to protect water resources for our current and future generations. The four major sections of the plan provide ideas and guidance for a coordinated effort on the part of state, regional, county, and local governments, along with water utility operators, business, industry, and the public.

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Section 1: An Overview of the Water Resources Action Plan

A1) Water and McHenry County

The importance of water quality and quantity to the people and businesses of McHenry County

A2) The Water Resources Action Plan

How the WRAP was written, who participated in creating it, and what it contains

A3) How to use the Water Resources Action Plan

The role of county and municipalities in protecting our water resources

A4) Acknowledgements

Participating agencies and individuals in creating the WRAP

Section 2: Local Water Quantity & Quality

A) Introduction

Threats to groundwater in McHenry County

B) Recommendations

B1) Overarching Recommendations

B2) Land Use and Zoning

B3) Stormwater Management

B4) Open Space

B5) Facility Regulation

B6) Winter Snow and Ice Removal

B7) Wastewater

B8) Pollution Prevention

B9) Planning for the Future

Section 3: Water Conservation

A) Introduction

What is water conservation, the need to conserve in McHenry County, and how to create a culture of conservation

B) Recommendations

B1) Agricultural Irrigation

B2) Golf Courses

B3) Industrial and Commercial Facilities

B4) Landscape Irrigation

B5) Domestic and Non-Industrial Public Use

Section 4: Education and Outreach

A) Introduction

How to foster public awareness and clear communications

B) Appendices and Attachments

A list of links to all the extra documents referenced in Sections 1-3

C) Resources

Glossary of terms and acronyms, materials referenced in the WRAP, and other resources

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