waste reduction action team

Contacts: Michelle Muryn and Cecilia Carman. Emails: muryn.sustainable23@gmail.com and ddcarman@hotmail.com

Meets the third Wednesday of each month at Crystal Lake Brewing at 7PM.

Plastic waste

Join the effort on projects and programs in our community that will bring about change while breaking the “plastic habit!” We are working to reduce the use of straws, plastic water bottles and plastic bags, the latter of which since 2013 through our BYOBag program.  The City of Woodstock now charges ten cents, so be sure to bring your own bag!  Congratulations on being a leader, Woodstock!


Food waste

In addition to plastic, food waste is one of the largest contributors to our landfills and there is a better destination for this biodegradable material in the form of COMPOST. We are beginning the process of advocating for curbside programs and salute towns in McHenry County that provide curbside composting to their residents through their waste hauler contracts.

Preserve. Protect. Educate.