Bakers Wanted!

You, too, can put your baking skills to good use! Once again our culinary creations will be used to raise much-needed funds for the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County. For those of you new to this, a dedicated group of volunteers bake as many cookies, bar cookies, or brownies as they can and package them up for sale at the Pioneer Tree Farm, where other volunteers are busy serving cocoa and coffee and selling Christmas trees. Sales are always great so the more you bake, the more money is made. Start now and you can freeze your creations for when you don’t have time.
WHAT: Cookies, brownies, and bar cookies.
WHEN: November 27th, 28th & 29th (bring to office by 3 pm on 11/25)
December 5th & 6th (bring to office or Green Spot by 3 pm 12/4)
December 12th & 13th (bring to office or Green Spot by 3 pm 12/11)
HOW: Package ALL baked goods in $1 lots (2 cookies of 2” diameter or greater – 3 cookies if they are smaller, 2 small bite sized brownies or 2 small bite sized bar cookies).
For sanitary and display reasons, all must be covered in plastic. The zip lock type sandwich bags or snack bags work great. Regular plastic wrap comes undone when people root through the packages but the “press to seal” wrap works. Cookies must be packaged at home due to Health Department rules and should be labeled with the type (especially if they contain nuts) either with a slip of paper inside or write right on the package with a felt tip pen. Unfortunately, cupcakes and other frosted goods do not hold up well with people rummaging through the goods so please do not bake this type of product.
Please call or email the office to let us know which weekend you can provide goodies and where they will be delivered. This saves us time trying to call you at home and is very much appreciated. You can take the cookies straight to the Pioneer Tree farm (4614 Pioneer Road north of McHenry off Rt 31) or bring to the Defenders office or the Green Spot between 11am-3pm. If neither of these options work – Call to make other arrangements.