Environmental Defenders Community Solar Project

How solar works.

If you would like to support The Environmental Defenders’ community solar farm, please click on SolarSIGNUP below for brief information sheet that you can print. Just follow simple instructions and that’s it for now!  There is not cost to this program and, in fact, you will save on your energy bill.   Thank you!



More information about community solar can be found by reading The Defenders’ Solar Position Paper here:


To learn all about community solar in Illinois, including how billing is handled, please go to: https://citizensutilityboard.org/community-solar-illinois/

OR click here:



Subscribe to renewable energy through The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County and help support this unique solar project that will also be an educational destination for our county’s schools.  Complete the SolarHANDOUT and

mail to us at 110 S. Johnson Street, Suite 106, Woodstock, IL 60098 and attach your most recent electric bill so that your annual usage can be noted. Thank you!!  With enough support and good fortune moving through application process with the state, we should break ground in early summer 2019.   Subscription information will be sent when job is approved!

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