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Schedule of Upcoming Community Solar Meetings

Voice your support for renewable energy in our county at the following meetings:  Every voice counts!

Upcoming Zoning Board of Appeals & Bull Valley Ccommunity Solar Hearings, Committe of the Whole & County Board meetings:
Wed. 7/25 ZBA 1:30pm  Borrego Solar-Stritzel  Hartland Township
Thurs. 7/26 ZBA 1:30pm Borrego Solar-Domenella  Richmond   Dr. David Domenella, Dentist in Richmond
Thurs. 7/26 Village of Bull Valley Open House  5pm-7pm at McHenry Co. Farm Bureau Bldg.  SolAmerica McHenry Franks III (intersection of N. Valley Hill Rd. & N. Ridge Rd.)
Wed. 8/1 ZBA 1:30pm Syncarpha vote
Mon. 8/6 Village of Bull Valley CS Hearing 6:30pm at McHenry Co. Farm Bureau Bldg. Village Planning and Zoning Commission will consider an ordinance for solar as a private use
for homeowners and a community solar ordinance, as well as the petition by SolAmerica for a 20 acre community solar facility on the Franks property.
Wed. 8/8 ZBA 1:30pm BAP Power Coral Twp. 2 Locations (near the Syncarpha CS on Harmony Hills Rd.)
Thurs. 8/16 COW 9am Possibly discuss UDO Amendments for Solar
Tues. 8/21 Co. Board 7pm Possibly vote on UDO Amendments for Solar


Styrofoam Collection Up and Running

The Environmental Defenders is pleased to announce a second location for Styrofoam collection with the reopening of the site at Algonquin Public Works at 110 Meyer Drive (oepn 24 hours a day). We thank the Village of Algonquin for partnering with us and also Algonquin Township Highway Department for reopening of that site at 3702 Highway 14 in Crystal Lake (open Mon-Fri., 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) We encourage the public to reduce Styrofoam use and to recycle what clean Styrofoam they do have by dropping it off at our two locations or at our monthly recycling drives.  Other locations will be opening by end of year.  Thank you to U-Haul, Chicago Logistic Service and Dart Company for their partnership in helping to keep Styrofoam out of landfills and out of our environment.

Greening at the office, continued

In many ways “going green,” or being sensitive to the use of our natural resources, is about efficiency. Being conscious about behaviors and having monitoring efforts in place help to hold us accountable.

Here are a few tips to put those ideas into action:

Update mailing lists to avoid sending out unnecessary letters, thus saving the paper, printing, and postage.

Monitor the use of supplies.

Keeping tabs on how much is being spent and used can make us more careful about what’s being wasted.

Set a company policy that disallows the use of screen savers, and set monitors to power off after a time.

It’s that easy.

Greening at the Office

Did you know that the average U.S. office worker goes through about 10,000 sheets of paper a year? 

Reduce that number by getting into the habit of printing on both sides of the paper.  Also, use the back side of old documents for faxes, scrap paper, or drafts. Avoid color printing and print in draft mode whenever feasible.

Make it a policy to buy chlorine-free paper with a higher percentage of post-consumer recycled content. Also consider switching to a lighter stock of paper or alternatives made from bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, or kenaf.

Recycle toner and ink cartridges and buy remanufactured ones. According to Office Depot, each remanufactured toner cartridge “keeps approximately 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic out of landfills and conserves about a half gallon of oil.”