Bike INSTEAD Week – June 21-28, 2019

Organized by our Transportation Committee, please join in on Bike INSTEAD Week, June 21-28, which overlaps with McHenry County’s Bike To Work Week.

Are you ready for the McHenry County Bicycle Week and Defenders’ Bike INSTEAD Week? To help you with some motivation, for the second year in a row the Defenders’ Transportation Committee is setting up three categories for members to compete in when biking instead to earn some neat prizes!

  • frequency during the week  
  • longest distance logged
  • most challenging bike trip (photos of hill, cargo, or anything you deem challenging except for distance. Please submit to

How do we keep track? Log on to the Active Transport Alliance (ATA) bike challenge website – – and register yourself for FREE (you will need to create a simple account) and join the “The Defenders”  team.   I, Christine Kustra, am the team captain and should you have questions, feel free to contact me at the email above. The ATA is campaigning for Bike to Work, however we invite you to log in any and ALL bicycle trips, be it to the doctor’s, child’s baseball game, grocery store, work, or for leisure! We are trying to encourage people to take fewer trips with their cars to improve the environmental health of our community, which is linked to physical health of persons and ecosystems.  Some additional perks to biking INSTEAD are saving money at the gas pump, building muscle and getting that cardiovascular system moving!

You can sign yourself up today and use the first week from the June 14th to the 20th as warm-up to get you ready for The Defenders’ Bike INSTEAD week! Have fun, wear a helmet, use lights and reflective gear, and as always respect yourself, others, and the environment! 




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