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Give Clothing a Second Chance

Give Clothing a Second Chance

At the change of the seasons, it’s a good time to assess what you need and what might be useful for someone else.   Go through your home to gather clothes and blankets that you can spare and donate them to your local shelter.  Just think how many people your clothes and blankets can help keep safe and warm!

Americans discard an average of 68 pounds of clothes every year, so by donating your clothing, blankets, bedding, towels and other textiles to charity, you can give them a second use before they head to the landfill.  Choose a charity that is close to your heart, or visit the Environmental Defenders monthly drive.  USAgain Clothes Collection System has a truck at each Defenders’ drive to accept any kind of cloth items—clothing, linens, or just plain rags, clean and bagged.  They will also accept shoes as well, tied together by their laces and placed in the bag.

When: Second Saturday of every month, 9am to noon

Woodstock collection:  each EVEN numbered month, at the Soil & Water Conservation District building, 2222 S.  Dean St.

McHenry collection: each ODD numbered months at the Metra Station Parking lot, 4005 Main Street in McHenry.

Bring Your Own Bag!

B.Y.O. Bag

Bring your own cloth or fabric bags when you shop!


If you grocery shop once a week, in five years you’ll have kept about 250 to 1,000 grocery bags out of our landfills. When one ton of plastic bags is reused or recycled, the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil is saved! By bringing your own bag to the grocery store, you can save thousands of plastic bags from ending up in landfills, or even worse in ecosystems where they can harm living creatures.

Plastic bags, derived from oil and natural gas, use up precious resources unnecessarily.  Plastic bags have a lifetime of 500 to 1,000 years and in the process can break down into minute pieces that end up polluting our oceans and entering our food stream through fish.  If you REDUCE the use of plastic bags, you are directly helping our environment and protecting our planet.Join the Village of Algonquin in partnership with the BYOBag Committee of the  Environmental Defenders of McHenry County to promote a conservation effort to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags.