Weed Wrench Rentals

Weed Wrench Rentals

Having trouble getting rid of that buckthorn? The weed wrench is a manually-operated, all-steel tool made to remove any woody plants by uprooting.Designed & manufactured by a restoration worker in California, the weed wrench is a great tool to use for trunk diameters up to 2 inches, and the Defenders has two sizes available to rent for a nominal fee.

Weed Wrench demonstratonRental Fee Schedule

For Defenders members: 

Donation for weekly rental

plus $50 refundable deposit.

For Non-members: 

$25 per week

plus $150 refundable deposit.

For info on how to use the Weed Wrench, click here.

For info on why you don’t want buckthorn, click here or here.

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