Land Use Planning

Is this the best use of our land?
Is this the best use of our land?

A First-Timer’s Guide: Dealing with Rezoning Issues in McHenry County

Get Involved:

Requirements that have to be met by Petitioner before hearing by Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

  • Petition with legal description of property & statement of present & proposed zoning must be filed.
  • Legal notice of the public hearing must be published not less than 15 days or more than 30 days in advance in newspaper that is published in a township or road district affected by proposed petition.
  • Legal notice must be sent to all adjoining property owners by certified mail not less 15 or more than 30 days before such hearing.
  • Notice must also be sent by certified mail to the McHenry County Conservation District , all municipalities within 1 1/2 miles of Property in Question (PIQ), all fire protection & school districts covering PIQ, and the road commissioner & township supervisors where the property is located.
  • Each parcel or block of parcels must be posted with a zoning poster stating the date of the public hearing.
  • Petitioner must apply for a Natural Resources Information Report (NRI) on property with the McHenry County Soil & Water Conservation District.
  • Prior to hearing, all required documents & exhibits must be submitted to the Department of Planning. An analysis & reportshall be prepared by the staff engineer of the Planning Department of the ZBA.
  • Petitioner must pay fee in advance of hearing. Based on acreage.

Remember – if you don’t take action, no one else will fight for you.

You can make a difference!

Good Luck!

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