Watch That Screen!

Regardless of whether it is a desktop, laptop, or tablet, one of the biggest energy expenditures is the screen. It is a very costly proposition to keep that screen brightly lit for an extended period of time. You will quickly burn through your battery charge by turning the brightness up even a stop or two. Turning it all the way up will have you seeking an outlet every couple of hours.

Desktops are even bigger culprits. We just don’t consider them a problem because there is no battery to discharge. There are two things that will greatly improve your energy profile as it relates to monitors:

  1. Reduce the brightness to the lowest level you can comfortably read the screen. Your eyes will quickly adjust.
  2. Set the energy saving preferences to turn off the display when dormant for the shortest possible time.

Do the same for your mobile devices as well. You might just find your battery life doubled.