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Pumpkin compost for lith

If composting is not available in your area, smash your pumpkin in one area of yard and cover with leaves.
Sustainably dispose of your pumpkins at Sunset Park
between October 30 and November 8. Flood Brothers
Disposal will place a dumpster in the parking lot where LITH residents can deposit their unwanted pumpkins for
composting. Signs will point the way to the dumpster from
the road. Call Flood Brothers at 630-261-0578 with any
questions you have about this program.

Schedule of Upcoming Community Solar Meetings

Voice your support for renewable energy in our county at the following meetings:  Every voice counts!

Upcoming Zoning Board of Appeals & Bull Valley Ccommunity Solar Hearings, Committe of the Whole & County Board meetings:
Wed. 7/25 ZBA 1:30pm  Borrego Solar-Stritzel  Hartland Township
Thurs. 7/26 ZBA 1:30pm Borrego Solar-Domenella  Richmond   Dr. David Domenella, Dentist in Richmond
Thurs. 7/26 Village of Bull Valley Open House  5pm-7pm at McHenry Co. Farm Bureau Bldg.  SolAmerica McHenry Franks III (intersection of N. Valley Hill Rd. & N. Ridge Rd.)
Wed. 8/1 ZBA 1:30pm Syncarpha vote
Mon. 8/6 Village of Bull Valley CS Hearing 6:30pm at McHenry Co. Farm Bureau Bldg. Village Planning and Zoning Commission will consider an ordinance for solar as a private use
for homeowners and a community solar ordinance, as well as the petition by SolAmerica for a 20 acre community solar facility on the Franks property.
Wed. 8/8 ZBA 1:30pm BAP Power Coral Twp. 2 Locations (near the Syncarpha CS on Harmony Hills Rd.)
Thurs. 8/16 COW 9am Possibly discuss UDO Amendments for Solar
Tues. 8/21 Co. Board 7pm Possibly vote on UDO Amendments for Solar