Board of Directors & Staff

  • Lori McConville – President
  • Kim Hankins – First Vice President
  • Nancy Schietzelt – Second Vice President
  • Alice Lumsden –Treasurer
  • Bev Dow – Secretary
  • Ed Ellinghausen
  • Claire Hodge
  • Sue Jensen
  • Zak Klehr
  • Rico Rotta
  • Ken Santowski
  • Juanita Vega

The Environmental Defenders Board of Directors are elected at the

Annual Meeting in March of each year, and serve for a two year term.

The Board meets monthly on the third Monday of each month at 7pm at the Defenders’ office.  Members are welcome.


Cynthia W. Kanner     Executive Director

Christy Matsuoka        Bookkeeper/Records Clerk

Barb Day                        Newsletter Editor

Pam Johnson               Manager, The Green Read Book Store

Alice Lumsden           Volunteer Manager, The Green Spot Book Store

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