Schedule of Upcoming Community Solar Meetings

Voice your support for renewable energy in our county at the following meetings:  Every voice counts!

Upcoming Zoning Board of Appeals & Bull Valley Ccommunity Solar Hearings, Committe of the Whole & County Board meetings:
Wed. 7/25 ZBA 1:30pm  Borrego Solar-Stritzel  Hartland Township
Thurs. 7/26 ZBA 1:30pm Borrego Solar-Domenella  Richmond   Dr. David Domenella, Dentist in Richmond
Thurs. 7/26 Village of Bull Valley Open House  5pm-7pm at McHenry Co. Farm Bureau Bldg.  SolAmerica McHenry Franks III (intersection of N. Valley Hill Rd. & N. Ridge Rd.)
Wed. 8/1 ZBA 1:30pm Syncarpha vote
Mon. 8/6 Village of Bull Valley CS Hearing 6:30pm at McHenry Co. Farm Bureau Bldg. Village Planning and Zoning Commission will consider an ordinance for solar as a private use
for homeowners and a community solar ordinance, as well as the petition by SolAmerica for a 20 acre community solar facility on the Franks property.
Wed. 8/8 ZBA 1:30pm BAP Power Coral Twp. 2 Locations (near the Syncarpha CS on Harmony Hills Rd.)
Thurs. 8/16 COW 9am Possibly discuss UDO Amendments for Solar
Tues. 8/21 Co. Board 7pm Possibly vote on UDO Amendments for Solar