Yes, It’s Still Hot Out –  An A/C Tip to Reduce Costs and Use

Reduce electricity demand on the hottest days of the year by joining ComEd’s Smart Ideas® Central Air Conditioning Cycling. By enrolling you can help ComEd better manage energy resources, help the environment, and earn credits on your summer electric bill.

With the AC Cycling program, ComEd sends a wireless signal to a switch that they install on the side of your home or directly on the air conditioner’s compressor panel. The switch allows ComEd to turn your compressor off and on so it uses less power safely on the hottest days of the year. Your fan still stays on to circulate already cooled air and to keep your home comfortable. Cycling is only done when needed, and it may occur only on weekdays and for limited periods of time.  It’s easy to join. If you own your home and have central air conditioning, you can enroll in ComEd’s Central Air Conditioning Cycling.  Be ready now for next year by going to  Look under the Home Savings tab for Rebates and Incentives to get started.  This tip brought to you by the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County.